Plitvice Excursion - Zadar area

8:30 – Departure from Zadar
10:15 – Breakfast (restaurant)
11:00 – In the park

  • Upper lakes
  • Boat tour
  • Free time
  • Lower lakes
  • Great waterfall

15:45 – Lunch (restaurant)
18:30 – Back in Zadar

The most beautiful and the most popular Croatian national park, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A wondrous creation of forest landscapes snuggling between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Plješivica; a system of sixteen lakes interlinked by numerous waterfalls.

The largest and highest of these lakes, resting on a dolomite bed, are Prošćansko jezero (639 m) and Kozjak; the lower lakes, covered in a layer of limestone, splash in a waterfall 136 m down, from whence the River Korana issues. The area also includes the primeval forest reserve of Čorkova uvala, where 120 types of bird and numerous caves still further enhance this unique landscape.

The mountain climate makes for snow and ice across the mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls from November to March. This park offers quite the most beautiful cycling and walking paths anywhere in Europe. If opting to travel instead by canoe, a special permit is required.


  • Children under 5 years – free
  • Children from 5 to 12 years – 50%
  • Discount for groups!

Included in price:

  • Private Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Water, Wine, Juice
  • Entrance ticket & Boat Tours

Prices / Person
01.09. - 30.06
75 €
01.07. - 31.08.
85 €

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